Welcome to RaPTeX

RaPTeX – Radiologic Particle Telescope eXperiment!
We are a team consisting of 20 students from UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, who is designing a payload that is going to be sent up in a rocket in march 2021 on the REXUS/BEXUS programme!

Latest from the Blog

Latest update from ASIC

Our asics team rock They work around the clock With a sponsorship from IDEAS To experiment with PCBs They’re making a Galao station To do some ASIC calibration.

Latest update from scientific

We have downloaded Ubuntu and are currently struggling to get the particle simulator up and running(we lack linux OS competence, please send help) so we can simulate how much energy each material is going to take from particles during flight. We are doing this to learn which material works best as an isolator for ourFortsett å les «Latest update from scientific»

Latest update from software

Currently the focus point of the software team is learning about the Microcontroller we’ve chose for our project, and it is going fairly well. The programming for the communication buses is a bit more difficult than we expected. Since we do not have access to all the components that we had planned for, we areFortsett å les «Latest update from software»

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